The Z scale Grande Valley Page
This the new home for my new model railroad in Z scale

My Z scale layout is first and foremost a portable layout that
I can take to shows in the backseat of my Chevy Prism.

The layout now is 5'2" long with the narrow end at 24" and the wide end is now at 32"and is built on a 1/4" plywood handy panel with 2" of extruded blue or pink styrofoam on top of that.It is framed up with 1/8th " non-tempered hardboard.

By the way the layout no longer will fit in my Prizm ,but it will fit in my wife's Cavalier with the rear seat backs folded down.

I will be using Micro-Trains Line's version of KATO's fabulous
Uni-Track for all track work on the layout .

Here are a few pictures to get this page rolling

On the left a top view of my layout table before the extruded foam is added. On the right a bottom view showing the 1" x2" screenstock framing.


Now here are a couple pics showing the table framework I built to put the layout at a comfortable height to work on.

Since these pics were taken I have added some bracing to the legs.This framework is for at home only as the layout is meant
to be set on a table supplied by the show people.

OK, here is one pic to show that I am making a little progress on the layout.This trackplan is at best a tempory layout
only meant to serve as a foundation for a better plan.

Motive power is next,these two will both be repainted and decaled for my Grande Valley Railway.

First up is the GP9

Next up is the GP35

Now for some rolling stock,to get this railroad started.

The newest member of the group is this little PS-2 2 bay hopper by MTL.As you can see it is a CSX car.

Two of my newest purchases

This twin bay Aire Slide hopper is a kit from Mark 4 Design in New Zealand.

Then there is this little fella,it is one of two large generators that came as a load for the flatcar

Ok,here is the current status of the Z layout.As you can see the track plan has been changed (what did you expect,I am afterall a model railroader ;-) Pics are from first show.

Since the layout is a work in progress the plan is to do a little more between shows so that it will look somewhat different every time it is shown.The next change is a team track .

Here are a couple pics of the layout with the beginnings of the teamtrack.

Next up is a loading dock/ramp and a parking area for trucks and other equiptment.

Here are the latest pics showing my progress as of 11-22-08

The newest pic showing progress this pic taken 12-12-08

New pic taken 2-1-09,roads are done ,street bridge is done and installed.River bed is done but the riverbed is still dry.

New pic taken11-14-09 shows the river is now wet. ;-)

Pics taken same day show the start of the residential area.There are definately more houses to come.

When the good folks get thirsty they can stop at George's for a cold pop to drink.

This little work in progress is going to be
Snyders' Gas & Goodies with car wash.

This building is a replacement for that multi-story building you can see behind George's store.The factory except for the doors
and windows is totally scratchbuilt from leftovers from other projects.The doors and windows are from RS Laser products.

I think I need to pay more attention to this page.Anyway here is the latest pic of my progress on the layout.

Newest Pics of the layout.It is now done (not finished ;-)

Ok, the Z layout is on the grow.It is now 5'2" long with a now narrow end (24") and a wide end (30")

Here are some (re)construction photos of the layout.

Here is the layout in it's present form.I have started to scratchbuild some small stores to incorporate a down town business district.It will go in the area where the gas station presently sets.

This layout track plan is atleast for the time being the final design,plans are for a bigger sectional layout if I can find the parts for alignment of the sections.

This place is owned by two of my favorite people in Z scale

Page updated 1-21-12

This layout is no longer used for shows.It is currently in storage in my garage until I can find the time to move it into my basement.I am currently working on a much smaller ,much simpler Z layout for shows.This new layout is 18.25" by 30" and cincist of a simple loop of MTL track with 2 sidings .I will be posting pictures here once it looks like a layout. :-)

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